«Ultras», the most violent fringes of cheering organized in a film with music by Liberato

skinheads in the film Ultras

Italian cinema is the protagonist on Netflix with « Ultras », the debut of Francesco Lettieri who recently arrived on the famous streaming platform.

Set in Naples, the film features Sandro, a middle-aged man belonging to one of the most violent fringes of organized cheering. Due to the daspo (ban on access to sporting events) he can no longer go to the stadium and, given the advancing age, he will try to change his life, taking the path of a normal life. His ascendancy on younger fans, however, is still very strong and it will not be easy to understand which are the right choices to make.

It is a first work that has already caused the discussion of Lettieri’s, stirring up various controversies and dividing not a little public and critics.

It is not a defect-free film stream HD, above all because of an aesthetic that knows too much already seen and which prevents this product from distinguishing itself from the many others inherent in the Neapolitan criminal undergrowth, made both for the big screen and for television. Despite this, however, “Ultras” is a film of strong intensity , above all for how it focuses on the human parable of the protagonist and the various characters, rather than just telling about violent excesses and football support.

The protagonist Aniello Arena and the music of Liberato

The writing of the main character is remarkable, but the credit also goes to the excellent performance of Aniello Arena, already the protagonist of a great film such as “Reality” by Matteo Garrone, director who seems to be one of the references more evident than the newcomer Lettieri.

The latter, despite a sometimes derivative approach, shows a deep awareness in using the camera, in particular in the opening and closing sequence, which best frame the story. 

contributes to the success of the film ,mysterious Neapolitan singer of great success. Among the songs created especially for the feature, a special mention for «We Come From Napoli», created by Liberato together with Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack and Gaika.

It should be noted that Lettieri, before making his directorial debut with this film, had directed several video clips, including those of Liberato himself.

Spenser Confidential

Among the Netflix news of the last few weeks, Peter Berg’s ” Spenser Confidential ” with Mark Wahlberg was also highly anticipated .

The American actor plays an ex-policeman who has just been released from prison, who will investigate the murder of his two former colleagues together with his new roommate.

This is the fifth collaboration between Berg and Wahlberg, who together had already made “Lone Survivor”, “Deepwater”, “Boston – Manhunt” and “Red Zone”.

None of these were memorable, indeed, but they still had something more original than this new action movie decidedly obvious and conventional.

The major limitation lies in a rhythm that is struggling to take off more than usual (“Boston – Manhunt”, for example, was able to effectively involve) and in an uninspiring script.

6 Underground

If you are looking for a spectacular action movie on Netflix, you can instead opt for ” 6 Underground ” by Michael Bay, director of the “Transformers” saga.

At the center there is a team called to the most incredible feats, but the plot is reduced to the minimum terms and confusion reigns supra within the script.

Provided that you accept the rules of a product of this type (never credible and with very little depth of the characters on the field), you can have fun, however, between breathtaking pursuits and high-level special effects.

The best part is the one set in Florence, where you cross the important places of the Tuscan capital at very high speed and even end up inside the Uffizi. Seeing is believing.

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