The 5 “promising” Spanish films seeking support in Cannes


‘Daughter of the volcano’, by Jenifer de la Rosa

These days the Marche Du Film in Cannes is being celebrated, one of the most important film markets in the world. An international event where thousands of professionals from the sector meet to finance or distribute films. Spanish cinema is very present this year in this online edition of the Marche caused by the pandemic. Under the ‘Cinema From Spain’ label, until June 26 there is a virtual pavilion and different events as a showcase for our films.

One of them is “10 Promising Spanish Projects in Development”, a series of quick work meetings that ten Spanish film projects will hold with different professionals to study sales, co-productions or festival programming. These films have been selected by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), which has paid particular attention to films with a history in similar programs or the potential to find international support.

We analyze what we know about these “promising” Spanish films that will spend all day tomorrow in the digital establishments of Cannes, where we find all kinds of filmmakers and projects, first works and new projects by filmmakers with a history.

SACRED SPIRIT (Chema Garcia Ibarra)

The long-awaited long debut of short filmmaker Chema Garcia Ibarra, Espiritu sagrado, will also be in Cannes. The film is closing its financial possibilities: last week it obtained the important support of Movistar + that is added to that of TVE or that of La Incubadora of ECAM. The fictional but documentary-style peliculas online HD tells the story of a UFO study buff who the death of one of his companions will change his plans.

THE THOUSAND LIVES (Marina Seresesky)

The thousand lives is the new work of Marina Seresesky, Argentine director with two Spanish feature films already behind her: The open door and, the most recent, Never seen before. In October 2019, he won the CIIF Market Santa Cruz de Tenerife Award and now his producer, Álvaro Lain (Meridional Producciones), is seeking support for this dramatic thriller starring Juana Acosta in which a mother travels to Latin America in search of answers to the disappearance. from your son years ago.

DRYERS (Rocio Mesa)

After directing the documentary Orensaz, Andalusian Rocio Mesa seeks to make her leap into fiction with Secaderos, a summer story in the Vega area in Granada. The production company La Claqueta, behind the recent La trinchera infinita, takes this project to the Marche Du Film that has already passed through France in a similar meeting called ‘Small is biutiful’ in 2018. A film starring a boy and a teenager that Mesa summarized as “rural magic realism” in an interview in Filmand.

CITY WITHOUT SLEEP (Guillermo Garcia Lopez)

Winner of the Goya for Best Documentary for Fragile Balance, Guillermo Garcia Lopez from Madrid continues to prepare his second feature film: City without Dream. This time it is a fiction project that has already gone through the ‘Residences’ program of the Film Academy, which made the leap to a similar program in Cannes, and which went through ‘Berlin Talents’ in February. The film is about life in an illegal settlement outside Madrid in which an eviction threat is embedded.


Documentary dedicated to Gilda Love, one of the most mythical transformistas in Barcelona. After Greykey (2019), winner of the Silver Biznaga for best documentary short at the Malaga Festival, Enric Ribes recovers another of his shorts, of the same name, to turn it into a feature film and collect a possible change in Gilda’s life. The local Valerie Despierre de Inicia Films, which will also premiere One for All soon, will be in charge of holding these meetings in Cannes.

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